Spaceship Taxi Company is the company that finds you through your iPhone or SmartPhone location.

Sometimes you want to schedule a cab to pick you up at a certain time so that you can enjoy yourself instead of waiting outside. All you need to do is set a time to be picked up, and we'll take care of the rest!

Simple and easy to use interface

Our app includes a number of features that makes this app go the extra mile:

  • Hail a cab with the tap of a button
  • Change your location to update your driver where he needs to pick you up.
  • Cancel your cab in case you change your mind.
  • Select the type of car you want to pick you up (Choose from a sedan, minivan, or SUV)
  • Redeem your "Beamer Points" towards discounted fares or other cool stuff from our online store.
  • Link your profile to Four Square and Facebook to let others know what you're doing and where.

What is a Beamer Card?

Much like any other membership card, the "Beamer Card" gives our customers perks, such as upgrading to a nicer car, free rides, or you can use your "Beamer Points" for merchandise in our online store.

You receive a temporary card when you ride with us for the first time, and once you register the card on our website, we will send you a permanent card with your name on it.

A Free Perk on Your First Ride?

That's right! For all new customers we will give you one free ride, up to 2 miles. We are positive that your experience with us will make you want to use Spaceship again and again!

See Your Car Arriving in Real Time

The thing that makes today's technology so amazing is what it allows us to do to make our customers feel more at ease.

No longer do you need to wonder if the ride you called for is on its way or not. With our GPS tracking software you can see your taxi arriving in real time so that there aren't any questions about when it's going to get there.

Have questions? Comments? Suggestions?

Feel free to shoot us a message relating to this new app that will change the way people travel. We'd love to hear from you!